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Interlink Telecom Solutions, affiliate of Rollins Communications, was founded in 1986 to serve the business telephone system needs of small to medium size businesses in the South East. With the rapid pace advancements in communications technology our company has made the necessary adjustments needed to comply and compete in this new and innovative world of technology. A nationwide network of manufacturers, vendors, certified technicians and installers have partnered with Interlink Telecom to insure our customers wherever they go, we will be there ready to meet their needs.

In the ever evolving world of telecommunications, we are committed to being at the forefront by offering the most cost effective and reliable telecommunications products and services for our clients. We partner with industry leading manufacturers, employ highly skilled service oriented individuals and maintain the highest of quality standards and integrity with each and every one of our customers large and small.

Interlink Telecom would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and trust.


Small / Medium Business

Interlink Telecom's  communications solutions for SMBs are designed for reliability, cost savings and user friendly applications. Our experience and exceptional customer service focuses on the success of our customers. 


Interlink Telecom offers a portfolio of specialized integration solutions for manufacturing. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools designed to maximize production and improve responsiveness to market demand. Various hardware / software solutions are tailored to each unique manufacturers needs. 


Interlink Telecom's healthcare solutions improve the quality of patient care through enhanced patient handling. Streamlining these solutions enables healthcare providers deliver the correct medical treatment with confidence and ease.


Interlink Telecom is uniquely positioned to resolve government specific challenge's at the federal, state and local levels with adaptive and cost effective strategies making full service use of leading and accredited technologies offered by products and softwares manufactured by our authorized partners.

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